About ME

Who is your (future) coach?!
Hi friends! I’m Janet.
I originally hail from Sioux Falls, SD but am currently living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (which averages over 300 inches of snow in the winter- yes seriously) with my hubby, who is a College Hockey Coach & our spitfire of a little girl - who just turned 3.

I’m a former tom boy/gymnast/dancer/swimmer/lifeguard who became a Massage Therapist and owned my own business for over 10 years. I got to work along side many amazing Chiropractors in my career & even taught Massage Therapy Classes at the Baltimore School of Massage and I loved my job!

I became a Mama...
Even-though I desperately wanted to be a Stay at Home Mom,
I felt like I lost my identity a little bit when that dream became a reality. I still had the passion & urge to help people like I did when I was a massage therapist - so that’s where Health Coaching came into play!

I've done the "diet plans"
Over exercising, (former “Cardio Queen” over here!)
Under Eating, Binge Eating,
"Not Caring", Caring TOO Much...
Loosing a TON of weight, Putting it back on, loosing it again.
I’ve gained lots of muscle & strength only to be way bigger than I wanted to be-
NOTHING WORKED for me for a LONG period of time. It wasn’t sustainable!
I felt like I was always CHASING the next best thing. (Oh, you too?)

Couple all of the above with my insecurities & low self esteem, past abuse (I was in SEVERAL abusive relationships - I’ll share more about that on my blog), PTSD from the abuse, health issues (endometriosis, celiac disease, gallbladder attacks, a liver abscess, septic shock) AND some MAJOR postpartum depression & anxiety- I felt like I had something to blame other than myself. I've got some really great EXCUSES!

I'll just let my EXCUSES define me-
THAT’S why I can't get control over my health,
That's why I can't workout,
That's why I don't have any energy,
That's why I'm crabby & irritable.

Then, I had a mental mind shift. My GOALS & desires became GREATER than my excuses!

I eat for fuel & I consume food that will make ME feel good from the inside out,
I do exercises that are FUN and Effective- right alongside a group of amazing women-
Women who are just like YOU!
Women that will hold me (and you) accountable, motivate & not let us succumb to our own excuses.

I became a health & wellness coach because I needed the accountability & I really missed helping people.
But most of all (selfishly) I needed to TRANSFORM my own self.

I was tired of crying,
Tired of making excuses,
Tired of saying I'll do it tomorrow,
Tired of deleting pictures I "looked fat in"
Tired of covering up!
Instead of enjoying the outdoors I used my excuses to be lazy.
I said I wasn't strong enough to do the work - and I believed myself.

But Today, I have control. (most of the time)
I have great days, BUT don’t get me wrong - I still have days here & there where I feel completely over it & I want to crawl in a hole and hide, or dive into a bag of dark chocolate, a bottle of wine and Netflix binge all night.

So, What’s the difference you ask?
✔️I know what I need to do & how to do it.
✔️I don't dread my workouts - with having so many program options, there is always something NEW for me to try!
✔️I'm not choking down food I don't like. I’ve learned to use food as fuel, not as a reward.
✔️I'm surrounded by SUPPORTIVE people every day who are all striving to be better. They are working right along side me- on their mental, physical & spiritual goals! We are a tight knit tribe, who fight to keep each other on the right track!

I started coaching as a part time gig to help people, and to share my story with them. To share what has and hasn’t worked for me, and I very quickly realized that this was where my passion lived and I have been working hard to make this my full time career!

I am now the Founder and CEO of Steward of Strength. In the last 2 years I have helped hundreds of clients change their lives, I've dropped (and kept off) 20 pounds and four pant sizes!! I have gained more friendships, confidence, and freedom than I ever could have imagined.

Please use this website as a tool to help you change YOUR life, and do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

Please remember YOU have to do the WORK-
I can't MAKE you do anything.
BUT- I can provide you with an awesome FIT CLUB to motivate & inspire you, to hold you accountable, to be by your side, and if you happen to slip- we will be there pick you up!!

There are women that are JUST LIKE YOU who have already enrolled & they are well on their way to reaching and surpassing their goals!!
To those of you who are still hesitant-
Don't worry I've got your back when you're ready! I’ll save a spot for you!!

Love, Janet