Our Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough.


Friends, our thoughts and prayers aren’t enough.

There have been a lot of articles and posts lately that state "Your thoughts and prayers aren't enough."

People seem to be offended by this.

Especially Christians. Yes, I am a Christian & what I’m about to say might offend some of you. But I hope it does the opposite, that it makes you reflect, think and change.

A majority of the Christian world says that there is nothing else they can do except to offer their thoughts and prayers.

But, the problem is folks-

Our prayers, they ARE NOT enough.

Our response, though often well intended, is to offer our thoughts prayers for victims, families, friends and those impacted closely by these senseless acts-- and we hope & pray that nothing else will happen.

I’ve been there,

I’ve said it,

I’ve done it.

Offered my thoughts and prayers...

Most will say thank you, but deep down they are thinking and some are saying that’s not enough.

Heres the thing-

I honestly don't think that prayer in itself is really what they are questioning.

It is the skepticism of the perceived ATTITUDE of our prayers.

To causally tell someone, I'm sending you my thoughts and prayers has become TRIVIAL. Because there is no ACTION attached to our prayers-- it's just an automatic response,

Like when people say,

"Hi how are you?"

& you reply "I'm fine, thanks."

Even though you may not be fine.

Even though your world may be falling apart.

It seems as if we just offer our thoughts and prayers after a tragedy and then move on with our pretty little lives as normal.

As if nothing really happened?

And then we thank God it didn't happen to us?

I mean- what are we really accomplishing? As Christians aren’t we supposed to do more? Aren’t we supposed to help?

Aren’t we supposed to get in the trenches to work & to change something?

Not just stand back and watch it all happen and blame it on things that we say we have no control over?

I know Jesus wouldn’t just offer his thoughts and prayers and causally walk along as if nothing happened.

The function of prayer is NOT to INFLUENCE God.

It's not to BEG God to CHANGE his mind.

To make our lives all pretty & shinny.

Prayer is not a bargaining tool.

Saying, if you do this for me, I'll do that for you.

It is not intended to ask God to fix everything while we just sit back, sip our hot coffee and WAIT.

It doesn't work that way.

It was never meant to work that way.

If you pray to God to PROVIDE you with a job

You still have to put a resume together,

You still have to go to the interview

You still have to TAKE ACTION--

Jobs don't magically just appear out of nowhere and "poof" there you are, sitting in your big comfy leather chair ordering people around while they gravel at your feet.

Flashback to 2012

I was in an abusive relationship,

I was broken, hurt and helpless,

My self esteem and confidence was at an all time low.

I finally reached out and prayed to a God that I didn't even know if I really believed in or not & I asked for some kind of help. Any kind of help. And I clearly heard God say, CALL.

THEN. I CALLED my friend.

I TOOK ACTION. I picked up that phone.

I barley got any words out of my mouth in between my crying except,

I need help, I need to leave.

My friend said START packing.

I'm coming to get you.

The situation I was in was so bad,

I can guarantee you if I would not have TAKEN ACTION and CALLED her, that I wouldn't be alive today to tell you this story.

If our prayer is a TRUE PLEA to God to keep evil acts, like the mass shootings our country is experiencing today, from happening then

We HAVE to take ACTION.

Prayer doesn't EXCUSE us,

It doesn't take the responsibility OFF of our shoulders and put it all on God's shoulders.

Prayer is ASKING God to PROVIDE us with the TOOLS to STOP evil from happening and then to USE those tools!

If we are to pray against evil,

then we must do more to stop evil.

The world is growing more and more tired over our MEANINGLESS thoughts & prayers.

Prayer is indented to CHANGE the nature of the ONE WHO PRAYS.

It is to make you STOP, THINK and REFLECT,

On HOW you can CHANGE,

On HOW you can ACT,

HOW you can HELP to find a SOLUTION.

Prayer is INTENDED to make us LOOK INWARD on ourselves.

To focus on what God would WANT me TO DO.

To ask God, what SHOULD I do,

What CAN I do,

How can I bring about CHANGE.

Then, you MUST LISTEN & ACT.

If we are constantly praying about issues BUT we don't take action then we need to reexamine the reason for our prayers.

Pope Francis said “You pray for the hungry. Then you feed them. That’s how prayer works.”

PRAYER needs to be accompanied by CARE.

A few moments after a tragedy happens, thoughts and prayers are always offered and well intended. But the news of mass shootings and other senseless act continue on like a force that is seems unstoppable.


Perhaps it’s because WE PRAY,


No body ever got anywhere by remaining the same.

My Goal for today?



Look Inward.