A little Bit of Hope at Women's Retreat


😳 I’ve been so busy toddler-proofing I totally forgot to mention something HUGE happening this week!!! 🙌🏼

👉🏼 I’m headed out to OCEAN CITY, MD on Thursday to provide MASSAGES at Retreat for the LADIES at @The Crossing Church !!

As some of you know - I lived out on the East Coast for about 12 years. I owned my own Massage Therapy business & my friend Stephanie asked if I would consider doing massages for the ladies at a retreat for her church years ago. 💆🏼

I’m pretty sure the first year I turned her down, because I was worried about being around “church people.”

But a year later, I eventually I said yes- thinking it would be a great way to make some extra cash and get my name out about my business.

They put us up in a fancy hotel & invited me to take part in their Bible Study and other activities while I was there,

But at that time God was not a huge part of my life.

In fact He was probably the last thing on my mind.

I kindly turned them down, I didn’t want to take part in the extra things at the retreat- BUT I did massages for the ladies all weekend & really enjoyed myself!! I remember going home feeling so full & refreshed just from speaking with all of them!

Little did I know, that one weekend years ago would plant a seed in my heart that would take YEARS and YEARS to grow. 🌸 They invited me back year after year to do massages. The demand got so high I had to invite another therapist to come with me!! There were just too many ladies for me to massage by myself in one weekend!

I invited one of my favorite massage therapists & dear friend, Carolyn to come along with me. She brought her Bible & took part in the studies and other fun things they had planned. I just hung out, rested & slept in my room in between massages. The ladies still welcomed me, made me feel comfortable, wanted and cared for-

Again, I went home feeling full & refreshed!!

⏭ Fast forward a few years-

I moved back home after literally fleeing the state from an abusive relationship. Moved in with my cousins, who invited me to church. And BOOM the sermon hit me between the eyes that day- I was hooked. I knew something needed to change.

I always felt like something was missing on my life-

Little did I know that it was ME missing out on God’s purpose and plan for my life! I poured my heart into church, learning as much as I could. I went to counseling, which helped me to heal- and even participated in a bible study, where I met Dallas & we got married 10 months later. 😉

Carolyn called me the year after Dallas and I got married to see if I could possibly fly out and do massages again- I was IN! 🙌🏼 But this time I was so excited to be ALL IN!

During my layover in Chicago I received a text message from Dawn, the coordinator for the retreat, asking if I would share my story of my past and why I decided to go to church with the group! 😬 Little did she know, I was PETRIFIED of public speaking, but I said yes anyway, knowing deep down in my heart that God would have wanted me to share it.

I got so NERVOUS about sharing my story,

I got sick- and not just a little sick- I got SICK SICK. 🤢

I got so sick I couldn’t even do the last day of massages, we had to find another therapist to fill in for me.

I couldn’t even get up out of bed. SICK.

But I was bound & determined to share my story.

I wasn’t going to let the enemy win.

So - with Steph & Carolyn by my side for moral support (and with a garbage can in case I puked) I shared my past story for the first time ever with about 80 women.

I cried, they cried, we all cried!!!

They were so supportive, kind and understanding- even during my nervous shaking voice.

The feeling that I got from sharing my story is something I can’t describe.

It’s a vulnerable relief sort of something.

It’s that something that keeps me going.

It’s that something that drives me to continually share my past, present & future.

I want others to see that there is a light at the end of that dark long tunnel,

You don’t have to feel or be stuck,

There is a way out,

There is HOPE.

There is ALWAYS HOPE. ❤️

💁🏼‍♀️ So this weekend, I get to volunteer my time by providing massages & care for these women that care so much for me.

👉🏼 This time, there are so many women coming that we have to bring 3 massage therapists with us! I’m even told there are already ladies REQUESTING me to be their therapist! (Hope they know I haven’t given a real massage in about 2 years🤪)

I am SO EXCITED to volunteer my time for these ladies!!

I can’t wait to take part in the retreat this year & participate in everything it has to offer-

Including the Bible Study! 😘