Do what you LOVE


If you knew me as a kid, you knew I could ALWAYS be found at the pool.

Even the lifeguards had a nickname for me, which if I told you what it was you would be like, uh what in the world!?!?

My first crush was on a lifeguard named Mark. YES, I remember his name.

I looked up to all the lifeguards, I thought they were all so cool AND I’m pretty sure they loved me.

- Or maybe I was just a super annoying little kid that they just put up with! 🤣

Either way, I LOVED being in the water.

So me, the little pool rat turned into a swim lesson aide. Helping to teach lessons.

Which turned into getting my lifeguarding certification. That turned into getting my swim lesson certification.

Then I got my instructors certification so I could TEACH CPR and I taught lifeguarding classes & swim lesson instructor classes.

So I was actually the one teaching people how to TEACH swim lessons!

Then I even became the Aquatics Director for a while until I moved out to the east coast, where I continued my lifeguarding career in the summers and coaches gymnastics in the winters.

To say I loved it was an understatement!!

Then when I fell into an abusive relationship, He made fun of me, he told me I didn’t have a REAL job, he told me I wasn’t smart. That I’ll never get anywhere if I don’t go to college and get a degree. He told me to grow up.

So I started to second guess my passion.

And I stopped lifeguarding and stopped teaching swim lessons. I lost my love for it.

That makes me so sad. It breaks my heart.

To think that someone could have such an influence on me, that I would give up my on my passion, I gave up on the ONE thing that made me happy- the one thing I was really good at!!

I did eventually find my other passion in doing Massage Therapy & teaching clinic classes for a massage school. And I loved it. But soon, that too got made fun of because it wasn’t a “real” job and I felt like I would never ever been good enough.

Fast forward.



Notice - I didn’t say PERFECT.

We have our struggles, our miscommunication, misunderstandings, we butt heads, BUT there is one huge difference.

My husband SUPPORTS and encourages me in any and everything I do.

He has his degree and part of a masters degree, but he has never thought any less of me because I don’t.

He tells me to chase my dreams & to follow my passions. He tells me to do what makes me happy!

When I became a HEALTH & WELLNESS COACH after telling him that, while I loved staying home with our daughter I really felt like I should be helping people.

Especially women.

I told him I felt like my purpose in life was to educate and to help. And guess what?

He was my number one cheerleader !

He pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and do the things that scared me! To chase my dreams and goals- and then to set new ones.


So when an opportunity fell in my lap to be able to teach swim lessons at MTU I jumped at it! I told him I would love to teach lessons part time and he said, “DO IT! We will make it work!!”

I’m super proud & excited to announce that I will be a Private Swim Lesson Instructor at Michigan Tech starting in July and throughout the school year!

I’m so excited to get back into the water and provide swim lessons for our community, as there is a HUGE need for it here!

I believe it is so important that people learn how to swim, even just the basic skills like floating and treading water to help prevent accidental drowning.

I will also eventually be getting certified again as swim lesson instructor trainer and lifeguarding instructor so I can teach people how to be a lifeguard and how to teach swim lessons!! 🙌🏼

I’m so excited to get back to my roots of swimming and my love for water! As well as still being able to maintain my full time (work from anywhere) health & wellness coaching career AND a “stay at home” mama to my number one employer, Miss Jade.

So, enquiring minds want to know-

💁🏼‍♀️Can you swim?? 🏊🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️