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I am looking for MOTIVATED women who are READY for a change! Who are ready to COMMIT to your health, wellness & happiness! I want to help you find your CONFIDENCE & SELF LOVE again. I want you to SMILE & ENJOY life again. I want you to LOVE who you currently are & who you are striving to become!

In 2016 I started with my first at home workout & nutritional program as a way to get back in shape after having a baby, but also to help my body recover! Six months after I gave birth I had my gallbladder out, due to attacks I had while pregnant & postpartum. I suffered severe (rare) complications from surgery- including a bile leak, a liver abscess and eventually septic shock. I needed to learn how to properly fuel my body and needed quick easy workouts that I could modify to my fitness level- but ones that could also eventually get harder and more advanced as I got stronger. And thats where I fell in LOVE with these programs!!

What Does this Programing Look Like?

The workouts are anywhere from 20-60 minutes a day (depending on what workout program you choose!), 3-6 days a week with at least 1-3 rest/ recovery days. This is a total body program, each day targets certain areas of the body (depending all on your goals!).

There is a sustainable, REALISTIC, customized to your needs, meal plan that is attached to all the workout programs. It gives you structure & guidance without having to give up your fav things or feel like you are depriving yourself! These are the perfect programs for someone who wants to lose weight OR tone up AND build muscle. Whatever your goals are, you WILL get results if you COMMIT.

After you fill out the form below, I will get back to you in 24-48 hours with package options, pricing, discounts & sales. BUT every package comes with at least the following-

  • FULL ONE YEAR ALL ACCESS Membership to our On Demand Workouts (over 50+ different programs, 600+ individual workouts) that you can stream from anywhere! (examples: your tablet, phone, pc, roku, smart tv)

  • A 30 day TRIAL supply of your SuperFoods Shakes - (provides your daily vitamins, minerals, nutrients, protein & more!) AND/OR a 30 day trial supply of our most popular Pre-Workout & Post Workout drinks- (provides you with optimal performance results before & after your workouts!

  • A Nutrition Guide & CUSTOMIZABLE Meal Plans

  • Portion control containers to help you eat the correct foods & portions for YOU and your GOALS!

  • Tracker Sheets & A Workout Schedule/Calendars

  • A Blender Bottle Shaker Cup

  • My #SOS VIP FIT CLUB & Online Accountability Group to help keep you motivated & give you support.

  • Weekly check ins with me via email

  • A monthly newsletter with helpful tips and tricks 

  • 1:1 Access with yours truly as your COACH to help guide you

This was literally the ONE decision that changed my life and how I view health, fitness & wellness! And— If you let it, it will change yours too!

My focus is on LONG TERM results, both physically & mentally. Results that will be maintainable & realistic for you. SO— before we start, I’d like to get to know more about you & your goals! Please fill out the following information to inquire about or to request to save a space in my VIP FIT CLUB!

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Still a little hesitant? Let’s talk for a about the benefits of joining my online accountability fit club, what it’s all about and why you are 99% more likely to succeed if you join!! Here is the quick run down in 5 easy peasy points:


This is possibly the MOST BEAUTIFUL thing about it. THOUSANDS of people have gone through the exact same program/nutrition plan/challenge group and have gotten incredible life-altering results. UNLIKE when you sign up for the gym OR a personal trainer, the results are UNKNOWN because you are NOT on a specific, scientific plan. Those fancy schmancy before/after pictures you see from the programs. THEY ARE REAL! I have met some of them in REAL LIFE. Some of them are my friends !! Real results from real people = the most positive reinforcement that it will work.


This is in my experience THE hardest part about working out….figuring out WHAT to do, how many times to do it, what to eat, how MUCH of it to eat…you catch my drift! And then feeling SUPER AWKWARD when you have to find someone to answer those questions. This way THERE IS NO GUESSWORK. Simple, easy, concise and all with me as your COACH to answer all of those questions!


Like it or not if this struck your interest, you are in the market for CHANGE. And so is every one else in the challenge group. THINK about how much more likely you are to do something IF all the people around you are doing it?! Would you go to happy hour alone? NO WAY! Would you stay an extra hour at the pool alone? NO WAY! Would you be the only one out of all your friends to get a burger when they were all eating their Portion Fix Approved Salad? NOOO WAY!! So do me a favor, sit and think about how much more likely you would be to finish something if you were in a group with like minded individuals facing and pulling through the same challenges you were?! I’ll tell you …99% more likely!


Let’s talk about what you get….A celebrity trainer (in your home), FULL custom made meal plans, a full years worth of workout programing specifically designed to meet your goals/likes, someone to answer your questions 24/7, daily accountability to keep you in line when you are wanting to throw in the towel, daily snack/meal replacement superfood shakes and the SUPPORT you need. In the fitness world all of these things would add up to THOUSANDS of dollars- but not here, not with me!


Once you complete one of these programs..I guarantee you, you will be walking around with the biggest smile on your face! You will feel happier, lighter, better, faster and STRONGER (inside & out.) But the best part is…you then get to reap all the benefits! You will be PART of the my fit family, and you will get to share it with others when they ask you “HOW DID YOU DO IT?” You will get to pass on the gift to someone else, how amazing would that feel?!

this is your time to shine and i want to help you!